Tree of Life Ministries is a self-supporting, non-profit, Seventh-Day Adventist ministry, which was officially registered in Germany in 2016. At present, the majority of its members are based in Austria.

The last great crisis, of the war between truth and error is about to reach its climax in this earth’s history. As the apostasy within the church grows into midnight darkness, the Lord will bring about the last great test upon all mankind. The great decision which all must face, will be between the seventh day Sabbath of the Bible and a day engineered by man. When the United States, in conjunction with all the leaders of the world, unite with the Pope, to force all mankind, both great and small, to keep Sunday holy, we can know that we have reached the last days of this earth’s history.

The purpose of this website is to inform all Seventh-Day Adventists of their need to awaken, in order to meet the reality of the test that awaits them. Judgment begins with the house of God 1 Peter 4:17. We must prepare by putting on the armour of God and understanding the present truth as it is being unfolded for this last generation.

Please feel free to watch the videos and read the magazines provided, that have been written for your edification.

May the Lord bless you in your preparations.